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CN-106366357-A: Starch biology base composite material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106367724-A: Sputtering device patent, CN-106368879-A: Helical rotating wheel for hydroelectric generator patent, CN-106369238-A: Non-metal pipeline joint patent, CN-106370770-A: 一种真实烟气的脱硝催化剂性能评价装置 patent, CN-106372243-A: Test question search method and device applied to electronic terminal patent, CN-106372702-A: Positioning identification and positioning method thereof patent, CN-106374225-A: Antenna and transmission device thereof patent, CN-106374251-A: Circuit on circuit boards in a plurality of levels with interface for a plug-in card patent, CN-106374541-A: 一种基于交流架空输电线路绝缘地线的取电装置 patent, CN-106374563-A: 电子装置及其充电方法 patent, CN-106374634-A: 一种新型电动汽车无线充电装置 patent, CN-106375293-A: 一种基于iec61850规约的goose报文优化方法 patent, CN-106375772-A: 视频播放方法及装置 patent, CN-106376333-A: Chinese yam culturing method patent, CN-106376434-A: Video-scanning irrigating system based on Internet of Things patent, CN-106376697-A: Polygonatum rhizome-sea buckthorn pressed candy with effect of targeting restoration of liver patent, CN-106377036-A: Family doctor-based intelligent medicine chest patent, CN-106377667-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating diabetes and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106378543-A: Welding method of ABS electromagnetic valve static core and transition sleeve closing-in assembly patent, CN-106379408-A: Wheeled chassis and crane patent, CN-106379852-A: Electromechanical interlocking mechanism for mast type aerial work platform landing leg patent, CN-106380233-A: Process for preparing potassic-magnesian fertilizer by using polyhalite patent, CN-106380324-A: Method for preparing organic fertilizer special for Chinese wampee fruit trees and prepared organic fertilizer patent, CN-106380883-A: 一种实验台用的三氧化二锑增强的木塑板材及其制备方法 patent, CN-1063815-A: 改进的卫生巾 patent, CN-106381707-A: Warp sizing method patent, CN-106382783-A: Refrigerating and freezing device and illumination control method for storage chambers of refrigerating and freezing device patent, CN-106383004-A: 一种气压测试装置 patent, CN-106383110-A: OTA chemiluminiscence detecting method based on nano-gold label aptasensor patent, CN-106383129-A: 自动灯检机 patent, CN-106383174-A: An ultrasonic wave fracture detecting method for an external wall of a metal tube patent, CN-106383709-A: Method and apparatus for progress display in data migration patent, CN-106383735-A: 一种实时监测云环境中虚拟机主机安全的系统及方法 patent, CN-106383748-A: 一种基于云服务的存储空间清理方法及系统 patent, CN-106384063-A: Secret code setting method patent, CN-106384123-A: Feature weighting filter method based on correlation and Naive Bayes classification method patent, CN-106384650-A: 一种非晶合金变压器结构 patent, CN-106385163-A: Phase power unit based on asymmetric IGCT and H bridge chain link structure patent, CN-106385251-A: Clock data recovery circuit patent, CN-106386417-A: 一种波纹管浇水装置 patent, CN-106386722-A: 不刺入鱼嘴的卡鱼装置 patent, CN-106386876-A: 一种空气消毒剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106386948-A: 一种全自动削面机 patent, CN-106388688-A: 擦窗机器人 patent, CN-106389092-A: 带温度控制的男性按摩器 patent, CN-106389375-A: 一种抗氧化和缓解体力疲劳的辅酶Q<sub>10</sub>软胶囊及其制备方法 patent, CN-106389719-A: 利用中药除体内湿气的方法 patent, CN-106389836-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating gastritis patent, CN-106389985-A: 一种治疗腹膜炎的中药 patent, CN-106390162-A: 一种空气清新剂 patent, CN-106390613-A: 一种能更换过滤网且便捷的空气净化装置 patent, CN-106391320-A: Beneficiation method for high-calcium type fluorite patent, CN-106393587-A: LED support injection mold facilitating internal positioning patent, CN-106393682-A: DLP 3D printer beneficial to model releasing patent, CN-106393811-A: 汽车内饰脚垫的制造方法 patent, CN-106394927-A: 一种用于登机桥的飞机高度跟随设备及其控制方法 patent, CN-106395271-A: 一种河道淤泥远距离输送装置 patent, CN-106395528-A: Parameter adjustment method, parameter adjustment device for range image sensor and elevator system patent, CN-106396182-A: 一种沐浴用水软化器 patent, CN-106397176-A: 一种苯氧乙酸钠的生产方法 patent, CN-106397202-A: Method for carrying out metal-enzyme co-catalysis on lonicera japonica leaves to produce ethyl alcohol and simultaneously extracting chlorogenic acid patent, CN-106397779-A: 一种磷氟阻燃剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-1063977-A: 远极比变极电动机定子绕组反向法变极方法 patent, CN-106398127-A: Injection-molding raw material for plastic pipes patent, CN-106398605-A: Self-crosslinked paper-plastic composite adhesive, and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106399283-A: 一种提高肌酸酶热稳定性的方法 patent, CN-106399418-A: Method for preparing moxifloxacin side chain through biological method patent, CN-106399542-A: 一种肺炎支原体的滚环恒温扩增快速检测引物及试剂盒 patent, CN-106399790-A: Technology for preparing hard alloy material patent, CN-106400070-A: Electroplating method for partial silver-plating for iron substrate lead frame patent, CN-106400349-A: Sizing device for spinning yarns patent, CN-106400873-A: 纯电动液压挖掘机专用行走架 patent, CN-106402022-A: Impeller and draught fan patent, CN-106403530-A: 汽车铝水箱散热器芯体自动沥水装置 patent, CN-106403575-A: Paint drying furnace patent, CN-106403608-A: 一种用于拆除硅铁炉下部设备的装置及方法 patent, CN-106404340-A: 一种风洞收集口 patent, CN-106404888-A: Thromboelastography instrument and use method thereof patent, CN-1064048-A: Locking cap inserting pen holder patent, CN-106405792-A: Optical image capturing system patent, CN-106406563-A: Character inputting method and apparatus in VR environment patent, CN-106406632-A: 一种信息管理方法和移动终端 patent, CN-106408191-A: 一种适用于我国m310核电机组运行许可证延续论证范围界定与筛选的方法 patent, CN-1064104-A: Method for extraction of collagenase from earthworm patent, CN-106411360-A: Communication equipment and communication system patent, CN-106412877-A: 移动终端sim卡的激活方法及激活装置 patent, CN-106413005-A: Method and device of coordinating cell edge user interference and base station patent, CN-106413542-A: Epidermal sensor system and process patent, CN-106415896-A: 电器件 patent, CN-106416461-A: 一种手扶双尾轮耕地机 patent, CN-106416494-A: 一种采用含硅藻土的蓄水层收集雨水的方法及其在盐碱地改良中的应用 patent, CN-106416735-A: 火麻的种植方法 patent, CN-106416779-A: Three-film high-yield covering cultivating method for potatoes patent, CN-106417367-A: Double agent for preventing and controlling Sphaeroma and method for preventing and controlling Sphaeroma by using double agent patent, CN-106417424-A: 一种具有送面送水结构的和面装置 patent, CN-106417562-A: 一种生物性水产品保鲜剂 patent, CN-106417854-A: Preparation method of plant tablet candy patent, CN-106418607-A: Slide carriage belt type conveying taper drum type electric cabinet damping kiwi fruit fuzz removal device patent, CN-106419925-A: 用于计算步行辅助装置的扭矩的方法和设备 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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